Posted 2 months ago

Are wider rims better?

There has been a lot of hype this past year that wider rims are “better”.  All of the benefits stems from the change of the tire’s profile on a wide rim.  A wider rim creates a “U” shape rather than a light bulb.  

Below are the claimed benefits.

  1. More aerodynamic - The airflow is smoother transition from the tire to the rim resulting in less drag. 
  2. Ride smoother - The load of the sidewalls is greatly reduced allowing you to run lower 5-15 psi in your tires without getting a pinch flat.
  3. Better cornering - The sidewalls will defect less allowing for better grip while cornering.

I am build up a set of wheels in the next week so I will have some real power data to see if item number is true.  The other will be more subjective but stay tuned for my results.

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